Sunday, March 6, 2016

Clockwork Angel

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Okay I really need to calm down. I'm screaming so much. Okay. Okay.

So Cassandra Clare books are the bomb! You know it. I know it. We all know it. So this books(S)just proved that we all are right.

The Infernal Devices Book 1 : Clockwork Angel 
 This book goes back to the 1878 around there. And guess who is there! Will Herondale (Jace's ancestor) James Carstairs (Emma Carstairs ancestor) Charlotte Branwell (Clary's Ancestor). And Gabriel, Gideon Lightwood (Alec,Isabelle,and Max's ancestor). So it's featuring a lot ancestors from people from TMI.

So it's the 19th century and 16 year old  Tessa Gray (YES THE TESSA GRAY who Brother Zachirach likes who is also James and was introduced in Book 7) comes to England to visit her brother Nate. She meets to women named Mrs.Black and Mrs.Dark who work for the mysterious Pandemonium Club. The Dark Sisters are what they liked to be called. They gave her a note saying that her brother has some work to attend to and cannot meet her and says she can saty with The Dark Sisters. Tessa after a few weeks realize she is trapped and imprisoned. Everyday she is forced to go to the Dark Sisters chambers and will herself to change (like literally shape shift) into that person. Until she meets Will Herondale. Who also rescued her. And she was sucked into the Shadowhunter world. WHICH IS AWESOME! Tessa had a strange ability. She has been classified as a Downworlder. But she has no demonic mark on her (like Magnus Bane and his cat eyes).


Will Herondale - Will Herondale. Where do I begin with him? First of all he's exactly like Jace. He's ignorant, obssesed with himself, and basically hates everyone except Jam or James Carstairs. I guess it runs in the family. Like seriously, he's the sarcastic king! But we all have our reasons. So does Will as we find out in book 2.

Tessa Gray - Tessa is very proper. I don't like that about her. I want to bang my head on the wall and want to strangle her and say :GET OUT THERE YOU NEVER KNOW UNLESS YOU TRY!". Seriously, that girl needs to be pushed a bit. But, gradually she learns that there isn't much of a difference between girls and boys. She starts shedding out that old proper skin and gets into some shadowhunter gear. And when she does I'm like "YASSSSSSS"

 Jem Carastairs - This guy is really the best. He's kind and sweet and professed his undying love for Tessa. He's so sweet. But sometimes he reminds me of a puppy waiting to be kincked. And that I found to be a good thing. He's eternally loyal to the on'es he's loyal. And has a deep dark secret we find out in Book 1. He has been cursed by a demon. He has to eat drugs to keep him alive. Even though the drug is slowly killing him. It just slows his death down by a bit. And he loves Tessa so much, it makes me cry.


You can already tell that I love it so so so so so so much. The wording was great. It had a sense of mystery in it and I LOVE IT!

The plot was exciting and filled the air with suspense. I COULDN'T PUT THE BOOK DOWN! And when I was finished with it I just stared at the wall. Processing new information. And it was very very very good. The best book ever! I LOVED IT! And I'm also going crazy. I have to check out the third book soon.

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